- Jana Simbürger, three digital images,
mixed Media (Handycamera, & Canon 70D)

Three pictures, three numbers... What‘s hiding behind them? The number of toilets, sinks or showers in households? Why is it called „Fountains“. It‘s only water comming out of the sanitary facilities. Obviously the water in the pictures gets wasted... 
The clue is, that the numbers are the amount of water all humans could save every year in a very uncommon way. 
Peeing in the shower, toothbrushing under the shower and taking a shower instead of a bath, 
So all together the sanitary fountains, the unimaginable high numbers, and humorous aspects of saving water are my tools to show the atrocious conditions of waisting water in our days. 
(the numbers are based on my own use of water extrapolated to the population of the EU)
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