My Story
So you’re looking at my artworks, you see me becomming an arts teacher and you’re wondering …
what exactly are my qualifications and values in life? 
My answer is that I am "only" human.   I am not an expert in how to make a living. 
I have never made a lot of money  and I’m not the world’s greatest fitnessgirl.
All I am is a regular woman, a child and a student of live.  I have learned a lot.
Here’s what I’ve done since November 2013 after my "Abitur", when I began to make changes in my life (this is going to sound like bragging, so forgive me, please):
Started and quit smoking (in 2018).  I read the book "endlich Nichtraucher" from Allen Carr. Quitting smoking taught me a lot about changing habits and accomplishing goals, and all the elements needed to make this successful. I was inspired by my success. Success can breed success, if you take advantage of it.
Became a runner. (In 2016) In order to relieve stress without smoking, I took up running. I started out by running about half a mile, heavily winded after doing so. I slowly built up my distance and within a month was running my first 5K. Soon after, After a bet on New Years Eve I "decided" to run my first half marathon in 2017)
Ran my half marathon. About a half year after the bet I completed my first half marathon. I didn’t do it very fast, but I did it. It had always been one of my lifetime goals, and completing it was one of the very best things I’ve ever done. 
Began waking early. In order to get my sports in the morning in, I decided to start waking early. I did it slowly, and once I began waking early, I began to discover the joys of the quiet morning hours. I get so much more done in the morning — not work, but working on my goals and a nice morning routine. 
 Getting better in  becomming organized. In early 2017, I decided to create simple systems for organizing. I learned how to keep my files in order, how to stay on top of my paperwork, to be organized at home and work. I’m not where I want to be right now, but I’m much, much improved over how I was before.
Thinking about fitness and food. Since I became 16 weight and sport was a big topic for me. 
I made it myself hard to accept me as I was. Actually I've always had a moderate weight, but I made it myself hard, to become "perfect". I now know, that this is a state, which will never become real, 'caus perfect doesn't exist. But because of that issues I started to really learn a lot about nutrition and fitness. 
I began eating healthy. After Australia (2015) tought me how to not eat healthy, and how to become a pasta Belly I started to think about my foodintake constantly. As a trainer, and someone with the goal of losing weight, I decided I needed to eat healthier. I began cutting back on unhealthy things like fried and salty and sweet foods. I ate more fruits and veggies, more whole grains and It felt great! and finally I:

Became a fitnesscoach in 2015 with a diploma.

Became a vegetarian. In Australia (2014) I met James Aspey and he took me into his adventure of 365 Days of Silence for the animals.  I decided to become vegetarian. I first cut out meat, and then slowly transitioned to a vegan one. I did not stay at the vegan diet, but I am eating healthier than ever before.

Wrote my cookbook "Veggitastisch". I started studying photography and graphic-design in Linz in 2015. And because i love cooking and trying new ways of food I finally published my vegan cook book "Veggitastisch".
Took control of my finances.  As I was always completly supported by my parents income I always wanted to earn some etxra money for my travels and special wishes. So I worked as a farmer, a foodpicker, a shiftworker, a forklift driver, a fitnesstrainer, as a promoter and a graphic-designer at "intueat".
Came to terms with the past. I started to read a lot of books about personal development and I have become fairly frugal, and have reduced a lot of clutter in my life. At first my past. I made it myself an emotionally and hard time, but little by little it started to become lighter. I started conversational therapy and recogniced, that the things that happened to me were not "normal" ones a child should go through allone, even if my parents took care of me as much as they could have done. Books that really helped me overcoming and recovering my past were: "Das Kind in dir muss Heimat finden" - Stefanie Stahl, "Das Intueat Wohlfühlprogramm"  and many more.   
Choosing well, with wich people I surround myself.
I used to have loads of "friends", but I never took as much care about them as i should have, so i reduced them to the ones I really want to have around me, and I now can say, that I would do nearly everything for them. I am proud of myself, that I came to the point were I no longer want to be defined by how others see and value me, than how to see myself and not hiding behind several masks. I am still falling into those roles sometimes, but I am working on it.   
Travelling has always played a big role into my life, but i prefer to say, that I try to make everyday a kind of journey to or through something. I loved to travel in a van, a car or by feet through Europe and Asia and i decided to fly as less as I can to keep my global footprint as low as possible. I am so into new kultures, with all their rituals, their food and their understanding of love and values in life. 
Sharing is Caring. With my Art and my joy of beeing sensible and my urge to go out of my way to be helpful a lot of blessings joined. I am a active member in the foodsharing community and I do a lot of volunteering. I am buying fleemarket goods to nearly 90% and I often give away things for free, just because I know it makes other people happy. 
Becomming absolutely honest. This was my biggest issue in life, that the claims to myself were so high - always striving for perfection - that I missed out living and looking proud on what I already archived. In 2019 i started a workshop at "radcial honesty" and i was overwhelmed by how high my expectations of my self always have been so immensly high, that I could only accept myself if I kind of be enlighted or something. I curtail my expectations now to become more happy with who I am NOW. 
Becomming part of the Poetsround. In the wintertime in 2018 I started to join the poetsclub "the poets around the square table". We started to meet once a week and bring a poem with a  topic (mostly only a word, an artwork or a song) and  we decided to work on it just like homework. I became absolutely obsessed by being pure poetry and after half a year Daniel Bierdümpfl decided to put it all together into a small but excellent Pocket-Poem-Book we recently released.
 Guten Morgen Linz. Beeing part of this little community really brought me closer to my little lovely city Linz. 
Starting the artist collective "Good morning Linz". We are an artist collective, which has dedicated itself to the beautification of the city. Rather than draw attention to maladministration with flyers on the highway, we rely on spectacular art actions. The Westringbaustelle the Spatzenbauer marked publicity with a large white arrow. This met with much interest, especially in social media. Because current tendencies of urban development conflict with our ideals of a life-friendly city, we have decided to do something with our actions, with the (widely) visible actions in the public space one wants to create an awareness for more participation in major construction projects such as the Westring , Bathing even in winter Always on Friday, at 9 o'clock. Nature can also be found in urban space, and we took pleasure in finding and using these small but beautiful places. Some of us were already bathing in the winter. The charm of swimming is to connect ourselves with nature, with fellow humans and with ourselves, even in cold weather or rainy weather, and together we want to do us some good. We welcome everyone who goes swimming with us on Friday We therefore officially invite you to start the day with us on the Danube beach. For the future, a stand-up paddling tour from Passau to Linz is planned, "to show that the Danube and its shores as an adventure space are incredibly precious. And also the next actions in the public space are in planning. 
Dancing with 10+10 Brücken. Is an integration project in cooperation with SOS-Menschenrechte. The prerequisites, are the interest in working together, respecting each other, and the willingness to work regularly and actively in the process. For this the participants can try themselves, bring in many own ideas and get to know different dance and theater techniques.
I just love Arts & Music. The biggest present I ever got by a stranger was my handpan and I do arts since I was a little child playing with my food on my plate, to arrange it to something expressive and now here I am, already

taking part in exhibitions
and even a view of my beloved artworks got sold. 
I received two scholarships for works I've already done and to get more projects going. I am so grateful for all these opportunities and I take them and make the best out of it. 

That sounds like a lot, and looking back on it, it is. But I didn’t took it all at once, and by building on and learning from each previous experience, I was able to achieve each new challenge I set before myself. 
So particulary this is me and if you have any questions, or you love my work and you are interested in supporting me or giving me donations, feel free to contact me.

With kind regards, Jana